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Already Gone
By Britt Beemer and Answers in Genesis

The George Barna survey states that 90% of church attending children go to public schools. Of that ninety percent -70% of those kids will leave the church the first year after leaving high school. Alarming isn’t it. Answers in Genesis wanted to know WHY.
Answers in Genesis commissioned respected researcher Britt Beemer of America’s Research Group to study this issue and conduct a survey. The first scientific study of its kind reveals startling facts discovered through 20,000 phone calls and detailed surveys of a thousand 20-29 year olds. Here are some of their findings in their book.
At what age did you question the Bible?
Kindergarten – 3rd grade
4th – 6th grade
7th – 9th grade 40%
High School 40%
Early College 10%

Would you say questioning was the beginning of your doubt in the Bible?
Yes – 55.6%
No – 31.1%
I don’t know – 13.3%
Our youth are asking questions like – How do you know the Bible is true? What do you mean by the inspired word of God? Who put the Bible together? Why Christianity, why not Buddhism? What about the races of people? What about the Big Bang? Carbon Dating? Belief that the earth is millions of years old?
They are asking questions and they need answers. The research shows it. This is the main component of why they are leaving the church. They are not taught to trust, answer and defend the Bible.
Asked of the 20 - 29 year olds of those evangelicals who used to attend church regularly but no longer do:
History of church attendance as a child
95% Elementary School and Middle School
59% High School
11% College

At what age did those who no longer believe that all the accounts/stories in the Bible are true and start to doubt? In other words when did they start doubting the accounts in the Bible?
40% Middle School
40% High School
10% College

Did you often attend Sunday School?
61% Attended Sunday School
19% No Sunday School Attendance
Notice that these people as children were spiritually checked out of church even though they were still physically attending church in their middle and high school years.
Read the book “Already Gone” for the full story or check out the free video online at, Click on Media, then click on Video on Demand, then click on “State of the Nation” by Answers in Genesis.


Upcoming FREE Event

ADULTS - Four Sunday Evenings - Seminar Series
Host Church: First Baptist Covington, LA

Defending our Creator's Character

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Sunday Evenings 5pm-6:30pm
January 6, 13, 20, 27 - 2013

Highlighting new evidence revealed at a symposium at Cornell Univ. on "Bio-Info" that Mr. Galloway was invited to attend in 2011.

This series will use selected portions of the 7-Part 700 slide Power Point presentations accessible (HERE).  Plus content from Mr. Galloway's personal interviews of internationally respected scientists who are biblical creationists such as the inventor of the MRI Dr. Damadian, the inventor of the Gene Gun at Cornell University Dr. Sanford, etc.

Our children's beliefs about both MORALITY and CREATION are inseparably connected:
Atheistic Evolution - If no God, then no source of truth, no good or evil, no law, no authority.
Theistic Evolution - If evolution is God’s Way, then “survival of the fittest” is good.

- If no Adam and Eve, then Adam and Steve must be OK, so kids with 2 Mom's or 2 Dads is considered equal to kids raised with a father and mother.
Promiscuity - If man is an evolved animal, then acting like one must be OK.
Gospel - If the first Adam did not cause the curse of death and suffering in creation, then the second Adam, Jesus, died for nothing.
Future – If Eden is a myth, then God’s promise to restore a New Earth where the lion will again lay down with the lamb is based on a lie.


All Adults Welcome
For more details see the "EVENTS" page on Mr. Galloway's website:

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Sid Galloway BS, M.Div.
Just an OLD sheepdog
God's Way is "de oppresso liber",
not survival of the fittest
John 10



Creation Evidence will present the following outlines:

Already Gone, Session 1
1. Why the Biblical Creation account in the Bible is relevant not only to our kids, but also to our culture.

2. Show that the Bible is our standard of Truth and the only infallible standard in a cursed world.

3. Prove why evolution is not a fact by using the scientific method to explain the difference between Operational/Observational Science and Historical/Origin Science.

4.Define Worldview - then how confidence in our worldview determines what we believe about the past (Origin Science),
and how confidence in our worldview determines our moral standard (and consequently our behaviors).
Good Shepherd Initiative's

Jurassic Prank, Session 2  

  • Solve the mystery behind these magnificent creatures
  • Explore how the fossil record confirms the Bible
  • Reveal what the behemoth of the Bible was
  • Talk about dragons as real creatures
  • Show how accepting the real history of the earth from the Bible enables us to explain dinosaurs
  • Illustrate fascinating evidence revealing that people saw dinosaurs and not so long ago
  • Demonstrate how dinosaurs can be used to witness


Apologia Group

A NEW, FREE Video each Thursday

Movie time (45-60 min) - Discussion, Q & A (30 min)
* Over 300 DVD's

Each Evening's Agenda:
- Movie (1 Hour)
- Discussion, Q&A (30 minutes)

Sid Galloway, BS, M.Div.
Location: Covington, LA
For address contact:

Session 1

Introduction to what is science and what is a belief? Based on - Defending the Christian Faith in Today’s World by Answers in Genesis (20 minutes)

  • Christians have the same facts and science as Evolutionist.
  • The difference between operational science and historical science.
  • Easy to use and effective introduction to apologetics.
  • You can stand on the Bible to defend the Bible

Is Genesis Relevant Today? based on the DVD by Ken Ham from Answers In Genesis. (1/2 hour)

  • Why Christians must believe in Genesis 1-11 as literal history.
  • Why social ills such as abortion, homosexual behavior, racism, etc., are related to the creation/evolution issue.
  • That Christianity is losing its effectiveness in cultures because much of the church has compromised the Word of God in Genesis.
  • How Christians need to de-secularize their thinking and reconnect the Bible with the real world and put on biblical glasses.

Session 2
Do Animals Evolve? (1/2 hour) based on the DVD by Ken Ham from Answers In Genesis

  • Changes in animals – processes that actually oppose molecules to man evolution.
  • Natural Selection – it does occur, but the processes involved do not add any new information into the genes necessary for evolution.
  • Animal kinds – the Bible records God’s creation of animal kinds.
  • Mutations – they do not add any new information into the genes.
  • How Noah fit all the land animals onto the Ark.

Where did the races come from? (1/2 hour) based on the DVD by Ken Ham with Answers In Genesis

  • That all humans are descendants of one man and one woman.
  • Who was Cain’s wife?
  • How to use basic genetic and biblical history (such as the event of the Tower of Babel) to explain the origin of the so-called “races”.
  • The humans basically have one skin color.
  • Why the gospel can be preached to every tribe and nation.
  • That the human population is divided in “people groups,” not races.”

Session 3
Exposing the Big Bang and Evolution (45 minutes)

  • Two irreconcilable worldviews – evolution and creation
  • Six types of evolution
  • Evidence against the Big Bang
  • Evolution violates both laws of thermodynamics.
  • Teachers can teach creation in public schools.
  • What caused a great decline in morals since 1963?

Session 4
Proofs of a Young Universe and Earth (1 Hour)
Examining the proofs of a young universe and earth…Summary of radiometric dating, earth’s population, spinning galaxies, earth’s magnetic field, earth’s rotational speed, underground oil pressure, ice cores in Greenland and Antarctica, Mississippi River Delta, Methuselah Tree, Great Barrier Reef, ocean salinity, stalactite and stalagmite formations, short-period comets, continental erosion, oldest writing and languages.

Session 5
Radiometric Dating – Optional Session (1 hour) Recommended for 10-12 graders and especially for early college.

Session 6
Did God Create in 6 Literal Days? (45 minutes) by Answers In Genesis
- The Hebrew word for "day" can have a number of different meanings-but in Genesis 1, it can only mean an "ordinary day!"

- The major reason many Christian leaders reject the days of creation as 24-hour days is because of extra-biblical information, not because of the clear teaching of Scripture.

-If the days of Creation in Genesis 1 are long ages, then death, disease, and thorns came before sin.

-Rejecting the days of creation as ordinary days undermines the authority of Scripture.

Session 7
Coming Soon

How to defend Biblical Creation that is absolutely irrefutable.
Unlike so much literature on origins, this series deals with the heart of the issue, showing that the Bible is the bottom-line. The Bible must indeed be what it claims to be: the authoritative Word of God. Otherwise the gospel message itself—of original sin and the need for Jesus Christ—is without foundation.

Session 8
Taking a close look through the Bible concerning the Flood and Noah’s Ark. (50 minutes) Based loosely on the book - Noah’s Ark – Thinking Outside The Box by Tim Lovett

  • God’s instructions concerning the Ark
  • Apply today’s ship engineering to the Ark
  • Global flood
  • Timeline of Noah’s flood
  • Finding the remains of the Ark today

Session 9
The Grand Canyon (1 hour) Some material in this session is based on the book, Your Guide to the Grand Canyon by True North Series
Study the Grand Canyon’s formation after the flood and its rock layers.

  • Formation of the rock layers
  • Boundaries between the layers
  • Folding
  • Amphitheaters
  • Lack of Rockfall
  • The great unconformity in the rock layers
  • Extent of rock layers

Session 10
Geological Evolution/Uniformatiarianism (50 minutes)

  • Brief history of modern geology and the origins of Uniformatiarianism
  • Circular reasoning within the geological column
  • Living fossils
  • Discuss polystrate fossils and polystrate fossils that are from the eruption of the Mt. St. Helen’s volcano.
  • Fossilization can (and often must) happen quickly.
  • Billions of dead things (fossils) are buried in rock layers, laid down by water all over the earth.

Session 11
Dose the Bible mention Dinosaurs? (45 minutes) based on the DVD by Ken Ham from Answers In Genesis

  • Solve the mystery behind these magnificent creatures
  • Reveal what the behemoth of the Bible was
  • Talk about dragons as real creatures
  • Show how accepting the real history of the earth from the Bible enables us to explain dinosaurs
  • Illustrate fascinating evidence revealing that people saw dinosaurs and not so long ago
  • Demonstrate how dinosaurs can be used to witness

Session 12
How can we evangelize a secular world? (1/2 hour) on the DVD by Ken Ham from Answers In Genesis

  • The need for a different method of evangelizing in former Christian influenced nations (like American and Britain).
  • People’s need to understand they are lost before they can understand they need to be saved.
  • Western cultures have changed their foundations from being like the Jews in Acts 2, to being like the Greeks in Acts 17 – our methods of evangelism must change accordingly.
  • Most of the church is so secularized in its thinking that people don’t know why evangelism does not work as effectively today as it did generations ago.
  • The history of the world from Genesis, including the account of Creation and the Fall, is essential to explain the gospel to those who don’t have such a foundation in their thinking.

Session 13
Relevance - Already Gone - (1 hour) based on Answers In Genesis Presentation

In this important presentation we will discuss the profound cultural changes taking place in our Western world, as God's Word is rejected and man's fallible ideas are welcomed. We will relate some of the shocking statistics presented in the book Already Gone that reveal the reasons why young people are leaving church and abandoning the faith of their parents.

Session 14
4 POWERFUL QUESTIONS TO ASK AN EVOLUTIONIST - (1 hour) based on Mike Riddle's (of Answers In Genesis) DVD.

This presentation will equip you to turn the tables by asking your evolutionist friends four simple - yet powerful questions:

1. Where id the universe's original matter come from?

2. How did life begin?

3. Where are all the supposed transitional fossils between the Precambrian and Cambrian periods?

4. Where did the dinosaurs come from?

Each "power question" is compelling in itself and leads the evolutionist to understand that he is relying on faith and not empirical science. We will demonstrate how the use of these questions to present the gospel and reveal the Truth, that there is a Creator God who made heaven and earth, as recorded in Genesis.

Session 15
How could a loving God – Optional Session (1/2 hour) based on the book by Ken Ham with Answers in Genesis
Powerful Answers on Suffering and Loss

  • Is God indifferent to my suffering?
  • How do I resolve this anger at God?
  • Why didn’t God prevent this from happening?
  • Will I see loved ones again – or is heaven just a “feel good” myth?

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